It only takes one trip to your local funeral home to see that the choices available are bleak and rather depressing. In our survey of American death care, we found a severe void of creative talent working in memorialization and urn design and a shocking amount of mass-produced, poorly conceived and plain ugly designs. Despite creating our own line of contemporary cremation urns, Lundgren Monuments is dedicated to bringing other creative disciplines into the conversation of funerary art and design. We regularly curate exhibitions to bring together architects, fashion designers, furniture makers, potters and other creative disciples to ask them to re-imagine our memorials and rituals.

We opened our first boutique in the spring of 2008 to present a new model for memorialization. We wanted a place where people felt comfortable and started conversations about honoring life through art and creativity.Our boutique is a platform for the contemporary artist and visionary to propose new ideas and ways to honor the people we love. We invite you visit our Seattle showroom, see this merging of art and memorialization and the great possibilities in telling your story.

John Ellefson
Tim Foss
Arne Pihl
Stefan Gulassa
Matthew Richter
Dante Marioni
Tom Kundig